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LGS is the longest established provider of archaeological geophysics in Ireland and offers a wide range of additional services including geological and environmental surveys. We also offer research & development services, education & training and project management. In collaboration with clients we regularly present or assist with the presentation of results at conferences, workshops, seminars, on TV and radio and in publications. See our publications and presentations page for further information.

We are based in Ireland and operate in a number of European countries. Our expertise extends to over 25 years in the public, commercial and academic worlds. We offer a range of geophysical techniques and services for use on land, wetland and water which cater for small and large scale projects for clients in the community, public, commercial and academic sectors. We will be glad to advise you on our services and suggest strategies to meet your project requirements.We have a particular interest in assisting community groups in developing, carrying out and presenting their local studies.

We are experienced in managing and conducting geophysical surveys in Ireland and overseas. Specialist services, including LiDAR processing, visualisation and interpretation, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) , are provided for the assessment of environmental, geological and heritage resources.

Training and research & development services are offered to community, public, commercial and academic organisations. Training styles include informal Learning by Doing, lectures with hands-on practicals in the field or computer-based and standalone computer-based processing & visualisation of data. Where possible we use proven open-source or freely available software.

LGS maintains corporate or individual membership of a number of professional bodies and voluntary organisations. In addition we are partners in a number of National and European research projects.

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe

EU Culture

EU Culture (Cultúir)


Aerial Archaeology Research Group


European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers


International Society for Archaeological Prospection


Irish Quaternary Association


Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland


West Lothian Archaeology Group


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