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Project Management

Multi-disciplinary projects that use a range of expertise, disciplines or contractors can be quite complex to design and manage. LGS offers project management support which starts with project development, moves on to the design stage, tender specification, estimated costs, selection of the contractor, quality control during the project and delivery and certification of project outcomes.

We are experienced in managing and delivering multi-disciplinary projects in Ireland and overseas which can be office, lab or field based. Clients include commercial, public and community organisations. Our experience has also lead us to originate and provide technical support for a number of transnational projects.

An example of which can be found at

Typical support for field-based projects includes:

  • Negotiating site access
  • Obtaining any necessary survey licences
  • Provision of survey location and site mapping services
  • Managing geological and archaeological surveys
  • Aiding and overseeing computer-based data processing and interpretation
  • Integration of information and datasets
  • Reporting

 Project Management

We offer project management support for all services we provide and for those supplied by outside contractors. In addition we can facilitate the integration of different information and datasets created by multidisciplinary projects into one complete usable digital format.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can develop a project plan and quotation.

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