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LGS has been involved with many exciting geological and geophysical discoveries and regard publication and presentation of results as an important part of many projects carried out. We have published or assisted with the presentation of results in books, journals, magazines, field guides, websites, on video, in radio & TV programmes and at workshops & conferences. We are keen to collaborate in jointly publishing and presenting the results of commissioned projects.

Please see the following for a complete list of publications and presentations:

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Selected types of publication and content, illustrating the range of projects we have contributed to, are shown below:

Lost and Found_III

Barton, K. and Murphy, C. 2018. The Case of the Stony Silence. in Fenwick, J. (ed.) Lost and Found III: Rediscovering Ireland's Past, 11-16. Wordwell: Bray.

Bouncing Beams

Curley, D., Flynn, J. and Barton, K. 2018. Bouncing Beams Reveal Hidden Archaeology, Archaeology Ireland , 32 (2), 24-29. Wordwell : Bray.


Barton, K. and Curley, D. 2017. Archaeological Remote Sensing; some Community Engagement in Ireland. in Ciolfi, L., Damala, A., Hornecker, E., Lechner, M. and Maye, L. (eds.), Cultural Heritage Communities: Technology and Challenges, 20-37. Routledge: London.


Barton, K. and Flynn, J. 2016. Community Archaeological Remote Sensing. in National Heritage Week Interview for RTE Drive Time programme. Transmitted 26th August 2016, 5.45 minutes, RTE Radio 1.

Above and below

Barton, K. 2015. Above and below: Community engagement in remote sensing in Ireland. in A. G. Posluschny (ed), Sensing the Past; contributions from the ArcLand Conference on Remote Sensing for Archaeology,96-97. Habelt-Verlag: Bonn.

Lasers, Cameras, Action

Brady, C. and Barton, K. 2014. Lasers, Cameras, Action! Archaeology Ireland , 28 (1), 39-42. Wordwell : Bray.

geophysical investigations and LiDAR analysis

Brady, C., Barton, K. and Seaver, M. 2013. Recent geophysical investigations and LiDAR analysis at the Hill of Slane, Co. Meath. Ríocht na Mídhe, XXIV, 134-155. Records of Meath Archaeological and Historical Society. ISSN 0461-5050.

Lidar survey in the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage 

Davis, S., Brady, C., Megarry, W. and Barton, K. 2013. Lidar survey in the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site in Opitz, R. and Cowley, D. (eds) Interpreting Archaeological Topography, 18, 225-239. Oxbow Books : Oxford.

Quaternary Association publication on Roscommon and South Sligo.

Barton, K., 2012. Application of some remote sensing techniques in the exploration and interpretation of Rathcroghan Mound and its environs, Tulsk, Co. Roscommon in B. Stefanini & G. McGlynn (eds.) Roscommon and South Sligo; Field Guide 30, 40-46. Irish Quaternary Association : Dublin. ISBN:978-0-947920-46-3.

Newgrange Passage 
Tomb. <em>Archaeology Ireland </em>

Barton, K., Pašteka, R., Zahorec, P., Papco, J. & Brady, C. 2011. In search of hidden chambers at Newgrange Passage Tomb. Archaeology Ireland, 25 (4), 11-12. Wordwell : Bray.

Boyne Valley 
Landscapes Project

Barton, K., Brady, C. and Seaver, M. 2011. Some Geophysical Survey Methodologies for Archaeological Research in the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site, County Meath, Ireland. 'Near Surface 2011' 17th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, University of Leicester, England, 13th September 2011. Conference Proceedings & Exhibitors Catalogue. D11. CD-ROM, ISBN 978-90-73834-15-6. EAGE : Houten.

Boyne Valley 
Landscapes Project

Barton, K. 2010. Geophysical Investigations in S. Davis, W. Megarry, C. Brady, H. Lewis, T. Cummins, L. Guinan, J. Turner, C. Gallagher, T. Brown and R.Meehan. Boyne Valley Landscapes Project: Phase III Final Report 2010. Heritage Council, Irish National Strategic Archaeological Research (INSTAR) Programme 2010, 91-129. Unpublished

Archaeology and Human Memory

Brockman, A. and Barton, K. 2009. Air Photographs, Military Archaeology and Human Memory: A Case Study from South East London in B Stichelbaut, J Bourgeois, N Saunders & P Chielens (eds.). Images of Conflict: Military Aerial Photography & Archaeology, 221-240. Cambridge Scholars Publishing : Newcastle.

Advanced Ground 
Penetrating Radar

Barton, K., Stenvik, L. & Birgisdottir, B. 2009. A Chieftain"s Hall or a Grave: Ground Penetrating Radar in an Archaeological Geophysics Survey to Target the Excavation of a Cropmark near Stiklestad, Nord-Trondelag, Norway in R. Gómez Martin, A. Rubio Bretones, S.G. Garcia, M. Fernández Pantoja & C.M. de Jong van Coevorden (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar IWAGPR2009, 27th - 29th May 2009, University of Granada, Granada, Spain, 159-164. ISBN : 978-84-692-2661-2.

Secrets of the 
Stones : God

Barton, K., Bonsall, J & Gimson, H. 2009. Secrets of the Stones : God"s Architects. Contributors and participants on archaeological geophysical surveys at Clonmacnoise in a documentary in RTE Factual Series. Transmitted 4th May 2009. 52 minutes, RTE, Cork.

Archaeological and 
Geophysical Survey

Waddell, J., Fenwick, J. & Barton, K. 2009. Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon: Archaeological and Geophysical Survey in a Ritual Landscape. Wordwell : Bray

Association of Geologists and 

Barton, K., Bonsall, J. & Gimson, H. 2007. The role of archaeological geophysics in development-led housing, road and tourism projects in Ireland. Securing the Future : 69th European Association of Geologists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition, 11-14 June 2007, ExCeL, London. Extended Abstracts & Exhibitors' Catalogue, P105. CD-ROM, ISBN 978-90-73781-54-2

Mining Heritage 
Trust of Ireland

Barton. K. 2006. Topographical and Geophysical Surveys at Tankardstown Mine, Bunmahon, County Waterford. Journal of the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland, 5, 2005, 15-22. MHTI : Dublin.

Roscommon - Archaeological 

Barton, K. and Fenwick, J. 2005. Geophysical investigations at the ancient royal site of Rathcroghan, County Roscommon, Ireland. Archaeological Prospection, 12, 1-16.Wiley.

Large Scale Inshore Resource 

Parsons, A., Barton, K., Berry, A., Brown, C., Curtis, J., Emblow, C., Hartnett, M., Nash, S. & Rooney, S. 2004. Feasibility Study on the Establishment of a Large Scale Inshore Resource Mapping Project, NDP Marine RTDI Desk Study Series DK/01/007, 224pp. Marine Institute : Galway.

Encyclopedia of Ireland

Barton, K.J. 2003. Geophysical survey in B Lalor (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Ireland, 435. Gill & Macmillan : Dublin.


Barton, K.J. 2003. Geophysics in archaeology. in Techniques and Practices in Mineral Exploration in Ireland. Course notes for student weekend course in Applied Geophysics, Petersburg Centre, Clonbur, Co Galway, 111-116.Irish Association for Economic Geology and Geophysical Association of Ireland. Unpublished

National Roads Authority

Barton, K.J. 2002. Terrestrial and waterborne geophysical survey for road schemes in J O'Sullivan (ed.) Archaeology and the National Roads Authority; Proceedings of two seminars in 2002 on provisions for archaeological work within the national roads programme. Monograph series No 1, 69-80. National Roads Authority : Dublin.

Centre for Maritime 

Quinn, R., Rooney, S., Barton, K., O'Hara, D. and Sheehan, K. 2001. An integrated marine geophysical investigation of the La Surveillante wreck-site in C Breen (ed.) Integrated Marine Investigations on the Historic Shipwreck La Surveillante, Centre for Maritime Archaeology Monograph Series No 1, 45-53. University of Ulster : Coleraine.

Mayo through the Millennia

Brett, J. and Barton, K. 2000. Mayo through the Millennia; Landscape, Archaeology and History. Conference website.

Archaeology Ireland

Fenwick, J., Brennan, Y., Barton, K. and Waddell, J. 1999. The magnetic presence of Queen Maeve. Archaeology Ireland, Vol. 13 (1), 8-11. Wordwell : Bray.

Mayo Abbey

Brett, J., Barton. K. & McLoughlin, C. 1998. Mayo Abbey; Building a Future from the Past. Co-script writer and participant. PAL Video, 24 minutes. Ward Clements & Co Ltd, Glasgow.


Barton, K.J. and Molloy, K. (eds.). 1998. South Central Mayo. Field Guide 22 , 73pp. Irish Association for Quaternary Studies: Dublin.


Slater, L., Kulessa, B. and Barton, K. 1996. An investigation into the ability of geophysical methods to detect and define Fulachta Fia (burnt mounds) on Clare Island, Co Mayo, Ireland. Archaeological Prospection,3, 53-96. Wiley.

Waddell, J. and Barton, K. 1995. Seeing beneath Rathcroghan. Archaeology Ireland, 9 (1), 38-41. Wordwell : Bray.


Barton, K.J. and Kulessa, B. 1994. Geophysical images of a fulachta fia at Capnagower, Clare Island. in P. Coxon and M. O’Connell (eds.). Clare Island and Inishbofin Field Guide 17 , 39-42. Irish Association for Quaternary Studies: Dublin


Woodham, C. R. and Barton, K. 1992. Developments in regional and reconnaissance geophysical techniques in exploration with reference to the Irish midlands. in A. A. Bowden, G. Earls, P.G. O’Connor and J. C. Pyne (eds.). The Irish Minerals Industry 1980-1990, 369-382. Irish Association for Economic Geology : Dublin.

White Canons

Cahill, M. and Barton, K.J. 1990. A detailed resistivity survey to map subsurface features in the vicinity of Kilnamanagh/Abbeytown cemetery in J Higgins & A McHugh (eds.) The White Cannons, Abbeytown, Cill-Na-Managh; a history of the monastery of the White Cannons and other historical places in the district of Maigh Seola, Environment and Heritage Monographs, 2. Crow's Rock Press: Galway.


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