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LGS is an Associated Partner in the ArchaeoLandscapes Europe Project funded by the European Union.

Public awareness and dissemination of challenging skills in aerial and remote sensing techniques, at a very European scale, will be achieved by the ArchaeoLandscapes project through eight following key Actions:

1. Creating an ultimately self-supporting ArchaeoLandscapes Network, with a small central secretariat, to provide leadership, coordination and advice on the use for heritage purposes of aerial photography, remote sensing and landscape studies.

2. Using traditional and innovative methods to publicize the value of aerial survey, remote sensing and landscape studies amongst the general public, students, teachers and all those who explore, enjoy or care for cultural landscapes and heritage sites across Europe.

3. Promoting the pan-European exchange of people, skills and understanding through meetings, workshops, exchange visits, placements and opportunities for specialist training and employment.

4. Enhancing the teaching of remote sensing and landscape studies through courses for students and teachers, and in the longer term through a European Masters degree in remote sensing and heritage management.

5. Securing the better exploitation of existing air-photo archives across Europe by researching, assessing and publicizing their potential for heritage interpretation and landscape conservation.

6. Providing support for aerial survey, remote sensing and landscape exploration in countries relatively new to their use, especially in northern, eastern and southern Europe.

7. Further exploring the uses of laser, satellite and other forms of remote sensing and web-based geographical information systems (GIS) in archaeological and landscape research, conservation and public education.

8. Providing technical guidance and advice on best practice in aerial survey, remote sensing and landscape studies, with a particular emphasis on conservation and heritage management.

LGS is involved in Actions 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8

The aim of the ArchaeoLandscapes project is to address existing imbalances in the use of modern surveying and remote sensing techniques and to create conditions for the regular use of these strikingly successful techniques across the Continent as a whole. It aims to create a self-sustaining network to support the use throughout Europe of aerial survey and 'remote sensing' to promote understanding, conservation and public enjoyment of the shared landscape and archaeological heritage of the countries of the European Union.

The project represents the culmination of a growing European cooperation from the mid-1990s onwards. Now federating 42 prestigious institutions in the field of archaeology and heritage protection (1 Coordinator, 26 Co-organisers and 15 Associated Partners) from 26 separate countries, it will bring that process to a sustainable and self-supporting future as the long-term legacy of this and earlier EU-assisted initiatives.

The central theme of concerted action and cooperation will be stressed through annual meetings of the whole of the membership and the project's Management Board, to agree policy, review progress and plan new initiatives. Much of the project's work, however, will be undertaken through specialist 'focus-groups' and carefully structured 'work-packs' setting out operational programmes and timetables for each of the project's eight key objectives or 'Actions'.

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